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About Icare Tea

Sourced from immaculately maintained sustainable tea plantations in Sri Lanka and filled with natural goodness, the Prabha cup of tea epitomizes the perfect cup of tea. Made from fine and tender leaves, carefully hand picked and processed to high quality standards, we guarantee 100% Ceylon tea each time you enjoy Prabha tea.

Prabha gives you the choice of several delightful flavours to choose from, So that you can get the best of happiness and health! Be it Black, Green, Mint, Iced or Lemon, you are assured of the goodness of natural anti-oxidants when you sip our flavoured teas.

Prabha teas provide benefits for a healthy and active lifestyles as they are rich in anti-oxidants such as Flavonoids called Catechins, as well as vitamins C and A.

Anti-oxidants are known to protect your body against harmful effects of cell-damage brought about by free-radicals produced in the body. Each time you enjoy a cup of Prabha tea, you give back to the village communities in Sri Lanka, whose dedicated work brings you the delightful range of Prabha teas, for as a socially responsible company we are committed to the well being of our tea plantation staff and their family members.

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Icare India Tea

Tea Board of India is implementing Quality Upgradation Programme for the benefit of small tea growers and manufacturers in Craigmore through UPASI-KVK. Since July 2000, small growers are benefited by getting good price for their quality leaves and for made tea; the sector has even attained a level of receiving awards like Tea Golden leaf India Award (TGLIA) and the women self help group operating in Tea receiving Prestigious Manimegalai award for Best women self Help group in Craigmore.

Icare Kenya Tea

Kenya is one of the world's top producers and exporters of tea. Kenyan tea is also the top foreign exchange earner, followed by horticulture, tourism and Kenyan coffee. Most of the exported Kenyan tea is blended with other teas to produce some of the popular blends available in stores today. However, in its purest form, Kenyan tea is gaining recognition in markets across the world because it has been proved to have higher levels of antioxidants compared to teas produced in other parts of the world.

Icare China Tea

Chinese Black Tea as it is called today in the West is the name given those teas that have been fermented and the tea has a distinct red colour. This does not include the semi-fermented and post-fermented teas which produce green and black coloured teas respectively. In China, these so-called "Black Teas" are actually known as Red Tea (Hong Cha) because of the reddish colour of the brew. Chinese tea is consumed throughout the day, including during meals, as a substitute for plain water, for health, or for simple pleasure.

Icare Japan Tea

Japan is an island country located in the Pacific Ocean. Made up of over 3,000 islands, it forms an archipelago that stretches along the Pacific Coast of Asia. 70 to 80 percent of its land is mountainous and not suitable for permanent living or agriculture. Most the population lives in densely populated areas, in coastal cities. Tea became a drink of the religious classes in Japan when Japanese priests and envoys sent to China to learn about its culture brought tea to Japan.