Icare Anti-Aging Tea

Icare Anti-Aging Tea

When it comes to anti-aging, everyone wants to turn back the hands of time. It is important to make sure that you are doing this in the most natural way possible. There are foods that you can eat which will help you to not only turn back the hands of time but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The three anti aging foods that are most common are salmon, berries and herbal teas. To find out what is right for you and your lifestyle, take a look at this comparison of popular anti aging foods: salmon, berries and herbal teas.

Lastly, herbal teas have been around for centuries providing wonderful anti aging benefits. Herbal tea has catechins and polyphenols that are needed in order to help you achieve and maintain healthy skin cells. It works by removing the proteins that are harmful as well as removing damages that have already been made to the skin cells. When this is done, you will be able to see years removed from your skin.

The consistent quality tea with an extraordinary flavor offered by Green Earth is available in special air tight packing. The anti aging tea offered by us are available in mesmerizing aroma and amazing taste. Due to this they are quite popular among the masses. They are attractively priced and are preferred by all.

Our company supplies aging control teas which are highly effective controlling the skin from aging. It has proved scientifically that it tones up and strengthens heart muscle and arterial system. It is free from nicotine and caffeine. We supply the best quality anti aging herbal tea to our customers.

Other Benefits

The tea has no caffeine and only half the tannin of ordinary tea. Apart from being refreshing to drink, in place of ordinary tea and coffee, it has the advantage of containing minerals and powerful antioxidants. Having no oxalic acid it also does not irritate the kidneys. This herbal tea controls aging, hypertension / stress & blood pressure & cardiac problems. It also fights with fatigue, joint pains, gastric & cough problems, chronic & acute diseases of males and females and gives over all fitness, strength & potential to the body and mind. It stimulates the release of growth hormones (as it decreases with age) in pituitary gland which is responsible for all body functions and maintain youth by keeping physical and mental health. It is useful in keeping normal sexual drive and good relaxing sleep

The anti-oxidants found in the tea will cleanse your body of all poisons and toxins, making you feel more youthful, more energetic, happier and healthier.

High Cholesterol: Scientists have determined that green tea lowers cholesterol and raises the "Good" (HDL) cholesterol. Studies have shown that people who drink green tea are more likely to have lower total cholesterol than whose who did not.

Cancer: Studies have shown that both green and black teas help protect people against cancer. The polyphenols have been discovered to play an important role in the prevention of cancer.

Diabetes: Traditionally, green tea has been used to control blood sugar in the body. Studies have shown that green tea helps prevent the development of type1 diabetes and slow the progression once it has been diagnosed.

Weight Loss: Green tea weight loss programs are gaining popularity around the world. Clinical studies have shown that the green tea extract may boost metabolism and aid in the fat burning process.

There is a lot of scientific research that is providing hard evidence for the health benefits of drinking green tea. It is the way the tea leaves are processed that sets it apart from the other teas which are not nearly as effective in preventing and fighting various diseases.

Allisma Rhizome: It is used to refresh the kidney, liver and spleen. It also stimulates the insulin level to reduce the blood sugar level.

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