Icare Appetizer Tea

Icare Appetizer Tea

If one is not feeling hungry, then tasty foods have no meanings for him & eating food even then will result in production of a poisonous substance called as "Aama". This is the root cause of most of the diseases. So Appetizer Tea is here to help you in combating all these conditions. Just take few sips of it a few minutes before taking meals & feel the experience.

Proper hunger is must for good digestion of the foods. Eating without feeling hungry will result in production of Ama in the body. This Ama is the root cause of most of the diseases. So sipping Appetizer Tea will protect you from most of the diseases.

A warm and soothing tea that balances that stimulates production of saliva and supports digestion. The refreshing tea is a mixture of variety of natural herbs. It is safe for consumption of all age group and do not have any side effects. The Appetizer Tea is also good for digestion, Dyspepsia, Cold, Cough, Chronic fever and over all fitness.

Other Benefits

Antioxidants These health-promoting agents are more concentrated in green tea than in any fruit or vegetable. Antioxidants fight cancer and keep you from feeling tired and sick.

Weight Loss many studies have shown that green tea contains calorie-burning properties. Some studies show that among women placed on the same diet, those who drank green tea lost twice as much weight as those who didn't.

Lower Cholesterol Drinking green tea regularly can help you avoid heart disease by lowering cholesterol and increasing muscle strength.

Fights Aging Green tea fights many of the things in your body that make you look worn out and run down. With a higher metabolism, you have more energy and hoard less fat, contributing to your overall fitness.

No Caffeine Decaffeinated green tea won't contribute to sleeping disorders such as insomnia, and is safe to drink for people with existing heart problems.

Digestion Green tea keeps your metabolism high, provides fiber for bowel regularity and helps your body digest what it takes in.

Shunthi: It is known to stimulate the stomach to secrete more acid so that the person feels a good hunger.

Draksha: Sweetness of Draksha helps the acid to work smoothly.

Saunf: Known as stimulant to intestine it facilitates better absorption of the ingested food.

Pipalli: It is known as the best among the herbs having the characteristic of appetizer, digestive stimulant & preventive of constipation.

Dalchini: Aroma present in Dalchini stimulates saliva secretion.

Ajwain: It enhances the secretion of digestive juices in the intestine along with its carminative effect.

Haritaki: The best herb for digestive system with all round rejuvenating effect.

Marich: An herb that enhance secretion of saliva & digestive enzymes in the stomach

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