Icare Gyokuro Tea

Icare Gyokuro Tea

Firstly, the Gyokuro tea leaves are very deep green in color. Secondly, its flavor is like seaweed and has a mellow, sweet and full bodied taste.

In fact, the same cultivar that produced Sencha can be used to produce Gyokuro. The secret is that the farmer has a very special method when producing tea leaves for Gyokuro. About 20-30 days in advance before plucking of the tea leaves, the entire tea garden will be covered by sheet. Under the sheet, the tea trees are shield from direct sunshine. When seriously lacks sunshine, tea trees will trigger a chain of physiological changes within itself in order to survive.

The tea leaf is not only physically changing, the chemical composition in the leaves also changed. As a result, tea leaves produce the typical flavor substances of Gyokuro and extremely rich in minerals. We select our Gyokuro from Shizuoka, Okabe Town of Shizuoka Prefecture where it is surrounded by clean air and transparent alpine water. We call it Asahina Gyokuro.

The Japanese have treasured Gyokuro for hundreds of years as the finest green tea. Now the best grades of this tea are becoming more widely available outside of Japan as more tea lovers learn to appreciate this wonderfully fragrant and delicate tea. The English translation for Gyokuro is Jade Dew, which is an apt reference to its gemstone-like color and naturally sweet flavor.

What makes Gyokuro so special? The primary factors that contribute to making this special tea are how the leaf is cultivated and how the leaf is processed after picking.

Gyokuro as simply the best tasting tea we've tasted - and we've tasted plenty. I've had this tea (English Tea Stores brand) and the Teavana brand Gyokuro. I'd say both are excellent teas. The Teavana brand is definitely a higher grade tea. This can mostly be discerned from the slightly more illustrious flavor that the Teavana Gyokuro provides.

Additionally, the English Tea Stores brand tends to be less forgiving of improper brewing temperature - it gets bitter easier. I noticed that the English Tea Stores brand tended to be a little drier and more brittle. Teavana gets the tea into your hands while the leaves are still *moist* and in whole strips. The English Tea Stores Gyokuro was starting to crumble and you will end up with more sediment in your tea.

If you are a follower of green tea diets, Gyokuro tea may be a good choice for you. Or have you ever wondered how to lose body fat in a healthy way, without depriving yourself from all the things you love? Drinking green tea at meals or during the day will help you lose those extra pounds you wish and still make you feel energetic and vigorous.

Green tea amazing antioxidants, namely EGCG, speed up your metabolism, burning calories and fat much faster. Combine it with a balanced diet and you will feel it working every step of the way, while making you feel healthier and stronger.

So if you usually take the lift, try the stairs; or, if it's a sunny day and you have enough time, walk to work. Here's a tip: You can even eat Gyokuro tea leaves, since they are so soft and tender. Try eating them with soy sauce and lemon juice. It is delicious and it can give you ideas to create your own green tea recipes.

Thanks to its high content in antioxidants, Gyokuro tea is able to fight free radicals, which are responsible for the growth of tumors. Gyokuro tea will strengthen your immune system, making it able to fight cancer and other harmful bacteria. Now imagine what can this medicinal tea do for you and your loved ones on a daily basis? Embrace it, try it, introduce it to your friends and discuss how it makes you feel. Exchange experiences and enjoy yourself in this discovery process.

Do you wish to keep your heart healthy and strong? Drinking tea on a regular basis is a good way to do it. Every drop of tea fills your body with minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and regulating your blood sugars levels. It is wonderful to lower blood pressure and protect you from dangerous toxins.

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