Icare Silver Needle White Tea

Icare Silver Needle White Tea

Silver Needle White Hair Tea is Full Yang. Lightest in Taste, Highest in Medical Value. Traditional Chinese Medicine describes this as the most energetic Qi. The lightest and purest of energy. Full Yang. Therefore most indicated for disorders of the heart and lung. You can see in our close up pictures the fine white hairs of this tea. The more white hairs the more precious the tea. Ask for a free sample with your order and then compare the quality of our extract with the actual steeped tea.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has long been treasured Camellia Sinensis (tea) as a herb that may be simply drunk daily (as a cup of tea) as well for its many uses in herbal formulas. To gain any more immediate health benefits, you would need to drink around 3-4 cups of tea every day. You can also get your green tea in capsule form, but there have been no studies done on the effectiveness of such pills. TCM still views tinctures or teas as the most effective form of medicine. The tea extract in liquid form has been researched and proven to be affective.

White tea is a sub-catagory of Green Tea. White teas are simply quickly air-dried. They represent the least fermented of all categories of teas. They also appear to be highest in antioxidants. According to recent Japanese studies (cancer research) white teas offer the highest in medicinal value. Some folks reason that since white teas are the least fermented, less than the typical green, then they should contain the least caffeine. But they do not. The caffeine varies greatly dependent upon what part of the tea plant and the time the leaf is picked. Early morning, Spring, tender young buds and new growth leaf, and only the first few leaves are actually one of the highest in caffeine.

Other Benefits

Weight Loss it may sound too good to be true, but in fact leading scientific research indicates that drinking white tea, including the rare silver needle variety, may well help you trim the fat. A German study published in the May 2009 issue of the "Nutrition and Metabolism" medical journal found that white tea effectively assists the body to better metabolize lipids, or fats. Consult with your doctor about adding white tea to a comprehensive weight loss plan.

Cancer Fighter antioxidant power abounds in white teas, including the silver needle variety. Augment your diet with frequent sips of white tea to enhance your immune system. According to registered dietitian and author Diana Dyer M.S. adding white tea to a diet that includes a wide variety of antioxidant-rich foods may assist in the prevention, occurrence or recurrence of some cancers. In her book "A Dietitian's Cancer Story-Information and Inspiration for Recovery and Healing from a Three-Time Cancer Survivor" Dyer explains that white tea is thought to contain more antioxidants than other teas due to the lack of processing of this tea type.

Antibacterial and Antiviral Properties due to the minimal processing of white tea, antioxidants abound in silver needle tea. The abundance of the antioxidants makes the tea an inhibitor of bacteria, which strengthens the immune system allowing the body to fight off a variety of viruses and infections. Sliver needle white tea can help to ward off the common cold and may relieve some of the symptoms of HIV.

Lowering Bood Pressure and Heart Disease drinking silver needle tea helps to lower blood pressure and prevent coronary heart disease. In an article published in the "Journal of Environmental Health and Preventative Medicine," research found that the polyphenols in tea act as oxidants in of LDL cholesterol. The polyphenols help to clean up the arteries and allow better arterial blood flow in the heart. Added to this benefit is the naturally lowering of blood pressure by tea, which makes tea a heart healthy drink.

Digestive Aid soothe a touchy stomach with a cup of silver needle white tea during meals. This premium tea-of-teas may be just the remedy for those who suffer with minor digestion discomforts. According to tea expert Jane Pettigrew, author of "The Tea Companion," silver needle tea, sometimes called silver tip white tea, aids the digestive processes. Consult your medical or health practitioner before drinking white tea for digestive disturbances.

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