Icare Tea Sampler Tea

Icare Tea Sampler Tea

This is the perfect tea sampler for lovers of White tea. Only the youngest leaves still covered with short white hair (down) are selected for the production of white tea. The selected leaves are steamed and dried in the sun. The absence of fermentation, withering, rolling and oxidation of the leaves allow white tea to contain great concentrations of polyphenols, a possible anti-cancer agent.

The downs on the white tea leaves are clearly visible and give it a silvery-white appearance. White tea is famous for it's sweet aroma and delicate, fresh flavor. When brewed, the tea leaves float vertically near the top of the brew and then slowly sinks down. This Tea Sampler includes 8 samples of our White tea. You will get approximately 0.5oz to 0.75oz per sample, depending on the leaf size of the tea.

Adding white tea to a tea sampler is an excellent idea. White tea is one of the rarest teas in the world. It's the least processed of all teas and its healthy nutrients and delicate flavor are locked in. It has a delicious honey-sweet taste and looks like "liquid gold" in your teacup. It also contains very little caffeine.

White Tea has a very interesting creative process. These teas are grown in nutrient-rich soil with no pesticides. Then, they're lightly fermented, steamed, and dried, which helps to retain their potent, health-giving antioxidants. White tea is thought to have more antioxidants than any other tea.

This tea originates in China where they have enjoyed it for centuries. Only recently have North Americans become aware of its unique flavor and health benefits. It is made from young leaves and early buds that have been picked early. Due to this early picking the leaves contain more natural healing antioxidants as well as a higher caffeine level. It is believed that because there is less processing done to these younger leaves that this tea, more than any other, is the healthiest you can drink. In short, anyone who is looking to incorporate tea into a holistic approach to diet and exercise will find that white tea is an ideal way to go.

Other Benefits

Blood Thinning Properties a study published in the August 2010 edition of "Die Pharmazie" reports that white orchard contains 18 active constituents responible for inhibiting blood coagulation or platelet aggregation. The active constituents include paeoniflorin, catechin, galloylpaeoniflorin and paeonol. The anti-coagulant effect of white orchard supports healthy blood circulation, which prevents against certain cardiovascular diseases.

Kidney Health the effect of white orchard root extract on the kidneys of rats was reported in a study published in the March 2010 edition of "Phytomedicine." The study concluded that white orchard root extract had an antioxidant effect on the diabetes-induced oxidative stress of the kidneys as the subjects exhibited a significant decrease in urinary albumin. Urinary albumin is an indicator of poor kidney health. Furthermore, the subjects exhibited reduced symptoms of kidney tubule injury when provided a treatment of between 100 mg and 200 mg of white orchard root extract per kg of body weight.

Blood Vessel Dilation the September-October 2010 edition of "Vascular Pharmacology" published a study that researched the effects of paeonol on blood vessel dilation in rats. Paeonol is an active constituent derived from the root bark of the white orchard herb. According to the test results, paeonol relaxed the aorta by 95.6 percent by significantly elevating the production of nitric acid and regulating the flow of calcium. Nitric acidis a compound that relaxes blood vessels while calcium functions to promote muscle contraction. Blood vessel dilation may help to reduce blood pressure and control symptoms associated with high blood pressure, such as cholesterol.

Liver Support a study published in the June 2010 edition of "Archives of Pharmacal Research" researched the antioxidant effect of paeoniflorin, a component of white orchard, on the liver. The study concluded that white orchard extract protects against liver inflammation as it prevents against the oxidative stress caused by an antigen known as lipopolysaccharide. The University of Michigan Health System notes that white orchard may also be utilized to treat certain liver conditions, such as cirrhosis and hepatitis; however, further research is needed to validate the efficacy of white white orchard on liver disease.

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